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A Trip to the Bog in the Rain

On the way back from Montreal

Grass Pink Orchid (Calopogon tuberosus) at the Alfred Bog, Ontario, Canada.

Stopped at the Alfred Bog Boardwalk Trail to discover the bog was filled with orchids. Grass Pinks were found throughout all along the boardwalk. And spotted amongst them were Rose Pogonia/Snakemouth Orchids which I found to be blooming a bit earlier than usual this year.

Rose Pogonia/Snakemouth Orchid (Pogonia ophioglossoides) at the Alfred Bog, Ontario, Canada.

Surprisingly none of the common Pink Lady's Slipper Orchids were to be seen, which I expected to see with the Northern Pitcher Plants that were all over the place the last time I visited the bog. This year is turning out to be a very different then other years with what is flowering at different locations, I would be curious to see how the super bloom would be like at the Purdon Conservation Area next week. I went to the Mer Bleue Conservation Area the day before & there was very little in bloom side from the Bog Laurel witch seems to be the most affluent plant for the bogs this year. Even the Bog Cranberry was not to be seen in bloom at the Mer Bleue but were very prominent at Alfred.

Bog Cranberry (Vaccinium microcarpum) at the Alfred Bog, Ontario, Canada.

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