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Good Times Come on

Let's Celebrate. Spring is here & soon the flowers will start blooming and there will be much rejoicing. I so needed a Spirit Guide yesterday and someone came through to guide me back to the this Earth. I was Grounded by best of friends who is always there when I need him ... you know who you are buddy & much love I send your way today ! Now all I need is my gf to return to Ottawa & get me more Grounded with celebration & appreciation of the best things in life ... I can't wait, been so giddy with anticipation for her arrival. But for now I still have to wait for her, so that is why I am letting out some good love & warm feelings to the people who are nearest & dearest to my heart ... Yes you know who you are & it is my great pleasure to call you all my Super Friends ! Blah Blah Blah Happy Spring Everyone !!!

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