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Chipmunk Encounter at Mud Lake

The Little guy was Doing his Thing

The Big Yawn

Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) was on the shoreline of the Ottawa River performing all kinds of cute acts. He was totally unafraid of the clicking camera & I was able to come quite close to him while he was doing Chipmunk things. To tell the truth this was I believe the first time I have seen one of these little critters yawn, I don't know if he was bored or just tired from the day. I do love to document these little guys for they do the darnedest & cutest acts infant of the camera at times. He was aware of me but just didn't give a damn while he preened & carried on. He was such a nice little surprise at the Britannia Conservation Area, Mud Lake, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Playing with his nose.


Wishing for more nuts possibly ?

Very aware of the camera.

A perfect little gentleman.

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