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Chipmunk Parade

Those Adorable Little Devils of the Woods

Hi there ! Went to Shirleys Bay & what did I see but Chipmunks looking at me. I do love the antics of the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) they are the darlings of the forests. From filling their cheeks with food to just carrying on & doing their thing they are most fun to observe & photograph. Situated at Shirleys Bay, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada there are bird feeders & here so many wonderful fauna can be viewed & interacting with one another. It is one of the most fun places that is part of Ottawa's greenbelt area that circles the city & allows nature to thrive so close to the city's limits. Whenever I want to escape & get back to nature you will find me exploring the greenbelt & having great adventures with the nature within.

The Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) is a chipmunk species found in eastern North America. It is the only living member of the chipmunk subgenus Tamias, sometimes recognised as a separate genus. The name "chipmunk" comes from the Ojibwe word ajidamoo (or possibly ajidamoonh, the same word in the Ottawa dialect of Ojibwe), which translates literally as "one who descends trees headlong." (from Wikipedia)

Wonderful seeds everywhere

Ready to Rock !

What do you mean that there is something wrong with my face ?

Did someone say Peanut ?

Something going on over there ?

This is my good side.

What should I do ?

Sitting pretty in contemplation.

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