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Desert Tortoise Week

The Old Wise Ones of the Desert

Mojave Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii) Kelso Sand Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, California, United States. Listed as vulnerable: Conservation Status: imperiled (S2) in California, US (NatureServe).

It was an absolute dream to come across this old guy in the Mojave Desert. It was totally " Why did the turtle cross the road ... " & he sure took his time in doing so. But this magnificent creature of the desert was sheer joy to photograph & he kept his gaze upon me as he slowly moved along. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. I have always been so fortunate & lucky with my encounters with wildlife & this guy was surely to make a top position in my adventures in the great outdoors. Who ever thought I would come across one of these rare & precious reptiles while wondering the hot desert ? This all happened while I was on a trip with my father to the American Desert way back in April of 2016. It was a most wonderful trip I have ever taken the desert flowers were in bloom & I came across the most interesting fauna that could be found in the desert habitat. Any hoo lets get bak to Tortoise appreciation ...

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