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Graphic Design : Book Covers

My Most Favourite was Designing Book Covers.

I was very fortunate during my time @The Gordon Creative Group (GCG) to be able to design for a publisher, Golden Dog Press (GDP). It was always such fun & excitement when one of these jobs came into the office & it was dropped on my plate. Cannot remember how many designs I did but here are a few samples of what I did. It was always so exhilarating to have them published, I would make my way to the nearest Public Library & Bookstore to search out my creations on the shelves of these establishments & it brought me great joy to see them there. Above are samples of Military History Books that I designed & below is a book featuring the exploration of the waterways in the Ottawa Valley & its history, Navigator. Lastly is a biography of Budge & Nancy Bell-Irving. Always so much fun to design & follow the publishing I am hoping I will return to Book Cover Design in the near future ... fingers crossed.

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