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Graphic Design : Manta Corp.

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

My Work for Manta Corp.

Back when I left the Gordon Creative Group (GCG) I found myself working for a Web Design company named 45Degrees in the Glebe of Ottawa. One of my clients was the Manta Corporation that I produced presentations for in Microsoft PowerPoint. I have always been a presentation designer from when I first left Design School & I love doing them because no-one else likes to do them. I had great fun designing colourful & interesting backgrounds for the slide presentations.

Another interesting client was which was an Australian Web Provider Company that was trying to get a foot hold during the time when Ottawa was called Silicone Valley North. Yes, Ottawa was ground zero for a Tech Boom back around 2000 when there were creative tech minds floating around all over the place back then. I miss those times when great creativity was being generated all over the city & it was @ this time I decided to return to Design School & venture into Multimedia & Web Design which I would later graduate with Honours.

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