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Graphic Design : My Logo

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

It is Suppose to Resemble an Eyeball

I designed this logo back in college at my Design School in the 90s & it was originally created in Adobe Photoshop. I later managed to make it a two colour logo when I became an expert in the Photoshop. I was very proud of myself & all the work I put into this creation with all its history and incarnations over my career in Graphic Design & I continue to this day to have it represent me as GSDesign. It was only until the early 2000s that I would return to Photography and my logo would develop into what it is today, GSDesignPhotography.

I have grown to love the art of digital images creating base images in Adobe Illustrator & finishing them off in Photoshop where I make the magic happen. I like to create lots of layers with intricate blending & fading choosing the colours is always such great joy. Sometimes you never know what you are going to get in the final artwork but happy mistakes are always welcomed.

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