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I Found all my Artwork

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

A little while ago I told you I lost my artwork & how upset I was. Well I am pleased to say I found it today.

I did this watercolour painting while in High School Art Class probably mid 80s ... Up the Guards !!! I was in the Governor General's Foot Guard Cadets at the time.

This was a hand tinted infrared photo that is coloured with oil paints. I use to love infrared photography & I would do all the developing myself in a makeshift darkroom in my washroom. I loved the ghostly images that the infrared would produce especially in the winter time.

I absolutely loved photography & my teacher said I was good at it. This is my ex-wife and her horse Little Buddy (LB) getting a wash down after jumping many fences. I did a full photo essay on the afternoon of jumping & photography teacher questioned my story boards prior to the photo shoot. This was my most favourite of the photos in the essay.

This was a cute little illustration that I did in Design School it was for a fictional clothing line. The Penguin characters were initial hand draw then scanned & digitized where the final illustration was completed. The final was better than you see here this is only a scan of an inkjet printing of the illustration.

OMGoodness !!! How I loved to work with the Letraset Markers of the time ... & highlighting the illustrations with colour pencils & whatever that white stuff was that we used to use. I am so very proud to be one of the last to use all the traditional art forms of Graphic Design when I was at Design School ... Did someone say PMT Machine !!!

As you can see I had an absolute love affairs with that machine !

& Yes ... the bunnies !!! Even in Design School bunnies were on my mind ... ScratchBoard Illustration with Letraset Colour film.

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