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Illustration : I Love Swamp Monsters

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

The Man-Thing

My weapon of choice is the pencil. I have been drawing with the pencil since I was a very small boy. Later I went onto my main choice of painting which is watercolour. But the pencil is still the base of the illustration. When I went to College I learned to draw with many pencils' to create my illustrations ... What ? There is more than the HB Pencil ?? One of my favourite subjects is the Swamp Monster or Creature from the depths of the swamp the living embodiment of that most wonderful wetland. I fell in love when I first saw the Man-Thing, he is now the base of my comic book collection. The very first character I ask my Mother to purchase for me when I saw him on the magazine shelf ... He forever battles with the evil that lurks on the planet ! He is big, menacing & strong. He is the most startling Swamp Creature of all ... Nobody dies forever !

The Man-Thing was Marvel's response to the ever so popular DC 's Swamp Thing, he too is one of my favourites & I have quite a collection of his great comic books & graphic novels' as well. But I will forever be captivated by those tendrils on the Man-Thing's face. That is why he is my favourite of all time, he just looks so very cool & he is not as humanoid as the Swamp Thing. I currently have a full collection of my Man-Thing but I am still working on solidifying The Adventure Into FEAR currently stalled at only issue #10. I am persistent & will fill that gap as the time comes ... I do have the rest of my years to fulfill this quest that I am on. I have yet to draw the Swamp Thing & I will be surprised if I ever do. But I never say the never & in retirement (maybe the next five years) I will venture into illustrating him as well.

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