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Monday, a Day of Ducks in a row

Continuing with Illustration Focusing on Ducks for the Day

Lesser Scaup Family (Aythya affinis) Frame Lake, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. Conservation Status: vulnerable (S3B) in Northwest Territories, CA (NatureServe).

There are so many beautiful duck images to concentrate my illustration practices on. The ducks make perfect models & I love how the feathered friends end up on the illustration block. For the Family image I went to three levels of illustration on this cute crew of mother & young ones. Any ways, I do hope you all have a wonderful Monday ... I know I will ... enjoy the ducks !

Once again my favourite Northern Shoveler duck on golden pond.

Oh the most beautiful Wood Ducks, all these beauties were photographed at Britannia Conservation Area, Mud Lake, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. A variety of illustration practices were applied to represent these most beautiful ducks that venture to Ottawa every year to have a brood of ducklings. I will never grow tired documenting what these lovely ducks get up to during their stay in Ottawa.

Often mistaken as Mallards, the American Black Ducks' interbreed with the more numerous & are becoming harder to distinguish amongst the flocks found in Ottawa ... One has to have an astute view in spotting these diminishing duck populations.

This young female was splashing around & enjoying herself at Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Large lagoons at Lac Saint-Pierre, Quebec, Canada. Ramsar site no. 949.

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