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Music & Graphic Design : Nightclubbing

My Descent Into the Nightclubbing World

Atomic Nightclub : It all started by going to this place in the March of some unknown year ... maybe my best friend Scotty remembers 🤔🤔 The club had just opened its doors and we descended down those stairs to the lower bar & chill out room. It was an interesting night "What do you mean by you can't serve alcohol ??" so we settled for some soft drinks probably "Coke." Anyways this Atomic place was soon to change my life forever by introducing me to EDM ... and I never looked back !! We later went to The Collection which is a whole other story I will get into later.

Graphic Design : Flyer Designer

And I loved doing it. I had the most fun designing music event flyers and then going to the awesome shows to see the artists' in action. Grounded Productions was one of my main clients along with Cherry Pie A Women's Networking Organisation. There is nothing like the rush of a close deadline and clamouring to get the product out the door in the quickest fashion possible. I will never forget these shows and they have heavily influenced my musical tastes and happiness. Deep Dish was the first artists' that I worked for and it was great to interact with the guys to get the final product completed. Martin (Marty/Envy) Villeneuve collaborations also made it a job straight from heaven. Second flyer design was DJ Behrouz another exciting show by Grounded Productions.

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