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Nature Photography : Chipmunks !

Chasing These Guys is the Ultimate Definition of Fun

When life gets you down head on over to Chipmunk town. They will surely make you smile & laugh brightening your day as they work & play. These little guys are always on the move & are a times very hard to capture in a good pose. But if you are patient they will give you what you need. Any of the Squirrel family is always such a delight to photograph for they do the damnedest of things & are just hilarious at times when they get up to their antics. Photographing Squirrels is one of my main subjects because I have great fun doing it & a lot of people/followers just simply love my take on the Squirrel. My Flickr Site : has proven that people just love to see the antics of the Squirrels and mu photos have been featured in Explore on the site. Featured here is the Eastern Chipmunk (Tamias striatus) in all its glory. Anyways Greg, quiet talking about them & start showing them, I present to you the mighty Chipmunk :

All photos were taken at Shirleys Bay here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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