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Photography : Beer

Someone Mentioned Beer on the Book of Face ?

My cousin Pauly gave me my first sip of beer when I was a wee little lad & I have not stopped worshiping this beautiful elixir of Dionysus & Baccus has given to us. I first started drinking Grolsch when I was a dishwasher/busboy @The Wildboer in downtown Ottawa on Queen Street. It was when I was first kicked out of my family home in February of some winter & I needed jobs to survive out of the nest. So I joined the Army & started working in Pubs & Restaurants in the Greater Ottawa Area. I love the Dutch beer the most & will always be a loyal fan & follower of everything beer & drinks. Heineken is just always the reliable goto when you are looking for a drink @the party or music event ... you always need to get a drink on when you are hitting the dancefloor @your favourite nightclub or venue that is playing your favourite music.

I found this most awesome beer stein @ an actual Beer Stein Shop next to the railway station in Koblenz, Germany. It was must first trip to Europe & I had killed & left the rental car on the mountain just across the Rhine River close to the Hostel @Festung Ehrenbreitstein ... it was most amazing when I killed the car a most wonderful German Family came to my assistance immediately with only the small teenage daughter being able to converse with me in English. Anywho, that is my beer story I want to share with you today ... Long Live the Mighty Brew !!

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