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Photography : Tiger Beetles

Wonderful World of Photographing Insects

My most favourite critter that I study is Tiger Beetles, just loving these guys. Tiger beetles are a large group of beetles known for their aggressive predatory habits & running speed. The fastest species of tiger beetle can run at a speed of 9 km/h (5.6 mph), or about 53.87 body lengths per second. The run, jump and fly like no other insect I have come across.

Ghost Tiger Beetle (Ellipsoptera lepida) Merivale Gardens, Pinhey Sand Dune Complex Site 1 - The Sanctuary for Butterfly and Pollinators, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Conservation Status: imperiled (N2N3) in Canada (NatureServe). Featured on Encyclopedia of Life : And Ontario Natural Resources : Here is the little guy trucking along with a bright green prey in its mouth on the hot white sands of the Larose Forest, Limoges, Ontario, Canada.

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