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Updated: Mar 13, 2021

I Love the :

Former Spotify headquarters in Stockholm

I have only been using Spotify for a short period of time, but colour me impressed with this Swedish Music App. It was pow when I subscribed to this impressive App that went from website to computer app and then popped up on my Google phone as well ... I have my good friend John to thank for sending me a link that got me started. OMG I was having streaming problems with my original music app that came with my computer ... I even contacted them & their trouble shooting for their app was to reboot the thing ... but once it happened again! Hello Spotify & all the great streaming music came to me with no hamper at all and never needing a reboot the entire suite of Spotify is just so bloody well ... impressive !!! I have definitely found my music I have been looking for ... There will always be Tranze in my pantz which makes me danze

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