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Purple : Adventure in Rock Macro Photography

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Amethyst Explored with a Macro Lens

So my Photo Community that I am a part of implements a challenge photo every week on Friday & they call it Flickr Friday. The challenge they put out was how to represent the colour Purple. I swiftly went to my mineral box to fetch my Amethyst crystals that I have collected over the years or that have been given to me by my Uncles' as gifts. I am very fortunate to have an extensive collection of rock samples that I can go to when there is a unique photo challenge or I just want to photograph interesting perspectives of the rocks. I have a humungous geode that was given by my Uncle from Amherstburg that I got when I was a wee young one.

Purchased at the Museum of Nature from their gift shop.

But anyways I am getting sidetracked ... The Photo Community Purple Challenge :

My photo was a big hit. Not only featured on the Flickr Friday page it was feature in Explore where it got maximum exposure & views & likes ensued to make it one of my most popular images that I launched on the site. That is the story & I am sticking to it ... well now, let's feature some other rock/minerals from my collection that always seem to generate interests among viewers. The macro aspect make for some interesting photography because it showcases the beauty of these rock in a whole new light & view.

A lot of my rocks were given to me by my Uncle Johnny who use to explore the Northern woods & forests of Ontario. I was so very lucky for him to give me my much coveted collection. Here are just a few samples he has gifted me from his adventures.

Quartz crystal geode

Looks like teeth

I must mention that my best friend has also given me crystals to help me with their mythical healing powers, one of my favourites is this large Quartz crystal he had given me from his visit to the Museum of Nature here in Ottawa. It has been a popular subject in my macro photography adventures here at home in a little studio setup that I have here. I mostly use a mini torch to illuminate the rocks & get them to light up just so for my photographs.

A little photo essay of Amethyst in three photos that I did for my Macro Community ... I am always having fun with my rock collection & I am so thankful to all of those who have contributed to my cherished collection. If it wasn't for those gifts I would have been stagnant during the pandemic & would have not photographed anything during the lockdowns.

Just a few samples from my rock collection they certainly make for interesting photos. I think they look great through the macro lens & it is fun to colour them with light.

Some current photos from some rock photography at home this rainy Sunday morning. Had to cancel my hike today due to the poor weather we are having here in Ottawa.