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Returning Home to my Regiment

Cartier Square Drill Hall, Home to the GGFG

I have returned to my brothers, comrades & friends. For too long now I have been without them & this marks a most memorable return to the ground that I learned how to drill. So many memories have been replenished as I walk through those doors that I had thought I would never return to. But now I am back & I so want to stay now. It is fitting that I make my return to the open doors of the Regimental Museum. A place I never visited while in the Regiment of the Governor General's Food Guards (GGFG) but now I find a new home to explore & cherish. So many forgotten names came rushing back as I walk through the Drill Hall. I cannot wait for this exciting new chapter in my life as a thankful volunteer to a place that once gave me a home away from home.

My Night at the Museum

Just a few samples of what I did see in this great collection of priceless artifacts. In such a small place is housed the great history of the GGFG Regiment. For its inception to what it is now today. This night was only a reconnaissance of the great treasures that can be found in the Drill Hall. And I was told there is much more to discover ... oh bliss !!

Regimental Flag that flew in Afghanistan for the Regiment.

The Guard's Star embossed on the plaque for Forceful III.

1-2-3 Up the Guards

My very own memorabilia of my time spent with the Governor General's Foot Guards. Just mere trinkets compared to the riches of the Regimental Museum. I am looking so forward to exploring & discovering all that can be found in the Drill Hall.

And some other Regiments I worked with :

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