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Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Cherry Pie : A Woman's Networking Organisation

I love to do illustrations both computer & traditional hand drawing. The type of painting I prefer is watercolour but I do try my hand with oils & acrylics at times. On this blog I will be featuring work I am doing have done and I may talk about what is yet to come. The illustration for the poster up top was inspired by a photograph of the most beautiful Audrey Hepburn. You will soon learn that I am the biggest fan of this most beautiful woman. My ultimate favourite film is Roman Holiday. Not only Audrey but it had Gregory Peck (whom I a named after by my Mother) as well. Well, enough of that let's get back to the illustration. It was commission by a Woman's Networking Organsation based in Ottawa and it was called Cherry Pie. A most lovely Chinese graphic design created the logo & it was great joy to work with her, her name was Lisa Sun and she was visiting Canada for her first time. Any who the Audrey illustration is what I contributed and the rest of the poster for the debut of the company & it was an all vector Adobe Illustrator creation.

Next is an illustration of a cat I did with a variety of pencils for first year Illustration & it turned out to be my first published piece of artwork for me. I had won the competition that was held for all class members. Friends of Abandoned Pets turned out to be my very first client for my career in illustration. The card was printed at the College Printshop and I still have a full box of these illustration in my home now.

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